Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts


Research and product development in Orem, Utah


Team of engineering, design and application professionals creating innovative solutions


Owner of 43+ patents governing the use of NFMI in the data transfer and wireless communications space protecting their position



World’s only provider of its NFMI-enabled products and solutions




FreeLinc Technologies Inc. is a Research and Development company focused on the adoption of Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) as a new wireless standard in the Public Safety, Military, Healthcare and Consumer markets.

FreeLinc’s NFMI solves the security and reliability problems for Bluetooth, the reading distance problems for NFC, and NFMI can simply be added to the communications chip to work cooperatively with Bluetooth and NFC, or deployed as a stand-alone solution. NFMI is positioned to be one of the new wireless platforms that is needed for the Internet of Things.

FreeLinc began by manufacturing and distributing NFMI-enabled radio accessories to Law Enforcement and Public Safety officers, where the need for secure and reliable short-range wireless connectivity was the most immediate. Originally designed to be a proof of concept, there are now over 2500 U.S. Public Safety agencies using FreeLinc products, including the FBI and the Secret Service. NFMI has evolved through multiple product cycles in the highly demanding law enforcement market, and has no competitors worldwide.

FreeLinc is currently expanding its sales into the Commercial 2-Way market, creating OEM opportunities, and developing prototypes with industry leaders in the Military, Healthcare and Consumer markets. FreeLinc is the world’s only provider of its NFMI-enabled products and solutions, and has 43+ patents to protect its position.


Photo Credit: Plantronics Germany, under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic