FreeLinc announces the release of the FreeMotion 100 Wireless Headset

October 1, 2009 – Orem, UT – FreeLinc, the world leader in secure wireless accessories for two-way radios, is excited to announce the release of the FreeMotion 100TM Wireless Headset. Its contemporary design provides a single ear headset, using FreeLinc’s patented Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology. The FreeMotion 100 TM is the ultimate communication solution for two-way radio users.

The FreeMotion 100 TM will operate up to 20 continuous hours on a single charge. It includes a wide assortment of ear wires and gels to offer the user the most comfortable, secure fit for either the right or left ear.

The FreeMotion 100 TM interfaces with the same FreeLinc Adapter as the FreeMic 200 TM, FreeMotion 200 TM or the FreeLinc Dual Muff TM, providing existing FreeLinc users a new headset capability to their existing FreeLinc system. The FreeMotion 100 TM offers the only secure means of communication without the hazards of wires, cords and cables.

“For the first time ever, first responders and others who depend on their two-way radios for secure communication, will have the advantage of a lightweight wireless headset” stated Randy Bailey, FreeLinc President. Two-way radio users have told us that the ability to have a headset that “looks like a cell phone headset” and provides secure communication through their two-way radio is extremely valuable. We are thrilled to be the first in the world to provide that solution.

FreeLinc has developed a line of products for public safety, government and commercial users of portable two-way radios. For more information on FreeLinc’s products and technology, visit our website at: FreeLinc is also a GSA vendor.