FreeLinc Announces Addition to U.S. Patent Portfolio in the Near Field Communication (NFC) Space – Patent No. 7,254,366

March 17, 2010 – Orem, UT – FreeLinc, the world leader in NFC secure wireless capabilities, is excited to announce the issuance of Patent No. 7,254,366.  FreeLinc’s Patent Portfolio now stands at 16 issued U.S. Patents.

FreeLinc’s patent provides a system to communicate via Near Field Communication (NFC) while allowing the communication system to change between multiple communication channels in order to avoid interference between similar devices.  This will allow Near Field Communication systems with extended range to co-exist while they are in close proximity.

As the demand for short range Personal Area Networks (PAN’s) increase due to the need for secure localized communication systems, FreeLinc’s capabilities utilizing NFC patented technology will have enormous worldwide demand.  NFC Personal Area Networks have broad use in military applications, public safety communications, consumer products and the cellular telephone industry.

“This is a very strategic and valuable patent for FreeLinc,” stated Randy Bailey, FreeLinc Chairman and President.  “With the explosive growth of personal devices worldwide and the demand for secure wireless capabilities, FreeLinc is thrilled to have this patented capability.”