Sgt. Jeff Myers – Island County Sheriffs Office, WA

“I have been using my FreeMic 200 (with the FreeLinc Ultra Light Custom EP) for about 18 months now. I am completely and totally satisfied and impressed with the system. The light weight, ease of use and sound quality are amazing.

My department’s jurisdiction is mostly suburban and rural with some heavily wooded areas and farm land. There have been numerous times, during my 28 years in law enforcement, that I have had my corded mics ripped away by obstructions (or by disagreeable persons on their way to jail) leaving me to search for my mic somewhere near my feet. With the FreeMic 200, I do not have a cord dangling from my uniform to hang up on branches, barbed wire, or to be grabbed by resistive / combative subjects, which greatly increases my safety on the job. The clip on the FreeMic 200 is sturdy and I’ve not had it come off my uniform yet.

Yet another benefit of the FreeMic 200 is the freedom to mount the mic anywhere I choose. I am right handed but left “eyed” so wearing the corded mic on the normal left shoulder position interfered with my ability to utilize a long gun. The alternative was to stretch the cord across my back to the right shoulder, which was at times uncomfortable. The FreeMic 200 lets me comfortably wear the mic on my right shoulder. The PTT mounted on the radio adaptor allows me to use my left hand to transmit, without having to reach across my body. The battery life is great. One 6 hour charge at the beginning of the week is all it takes to get me through 4 – ten plus hour shifts.

We also have a military airbase in our county. The FreeLinc Ultra Custom EP helps me to hear important communications when operating in the high noise zones as well as keeping those transmissions private when contacting “bad guys” or operating in areas where I want to reduce my noise signature. It is very well made, lightweight and comfortable. I sometimes forget I am wearing it…”