The NFMI chip creates a low-power magnetic field around devices and uses the attractive forces to transfer voice and data 


Using low-power inductive antenna, FreeLinc's Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) chip creates a secure wireless ‘bubble’ around each user - inside the bubble devices instantly connect, and outside they simply cannot be seen. NFMI is the only technology that can be used where secure and reliable wireless Personal Area Network solutions are needed. We are the worlds only provider of our NFMI-enabled products and solutions, and have 43+ patents to protect this position.

On the battlefield, only NFMI can be used to securely eliminate the cable between the soldier's tactical headset and their portable radio or intercom.

NFMI is a perfect fit for commercial 2-way markets where it increases worker safety margins and decreases employer liability and equipment maintenance costs.

Only NFMI can be used to provide a secure and reliable wireless link to deeply implanted medical devices

Highly Reliable, secure, and efficient

New security layers

Penetrates water

Increased dynamic reading distances for NFC

Communications inside the bubble are highly secure, reliable, and power efficient

Precise geolocation and geofencing capabilities offer powerful new layers of security

NFMI is unaffected by water, allowing communications underwater and with deeply implanted medical devices

Can dramatically increase the dynamic reading distances for NFC, thus leveraging the growing NFC infrastructure

A victim of its own success, the exploding number of Bluetooth devices has caused it nearly insurmountable security and reliability challenges.    



No interactions with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other standard wireless 2-way communications platform



Interference from other Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi, multi-path fading, reflection and even the environment



Signal falls immediately below the noise floor, providing extremely low probabilities of detection and interception



The signal can be detected and intercepted up to hundreds of meters away



Devices 'recycle' the energy in their signal and last up to 5X longer than comparable Bluetooth devices



Devices radiate all of the energy in their signal into free space and cannot recycle that energy

Point-Multipoint Networks.png


Designed to intelligently connect many devices within a single wireless Personal Area Network



Does a poor job of connecting multiple devices within a single wireless Personal Area Network




FreeLinc’s NFMI solves the security and reliability problems for Bluetooth, the reading distance problems for NFC, and NFMI can simply be added to the communications chip to work cooperatively with Bluetooth and NFC, or deployed as a stand-alone solution. NFMI is positioned to be one of the new wireless platforms that is needed for the Internet of Things.

NFMI NFC Bluetooth 3.png