The cord between an officer's portable radio and the speaker microphone is a danger and a hazard; it is also the most common failure point in their mission critical communications chain. Bluetooth has not been embraced as a solution because it's unreliable and unsecure. FreeLinc Technologies' NFMI has already solved that problem for the most demanding customers - Law Enforcement Officers. 

There are now over 2500 U.S. Public Safety agencies using FreeLinc products, including the FBI and the Secret Service.


"As a former member the US Marshal's Service SOG Unit (Special Operations Group), I'm always on the lookout for technology and products that enhance the safety and effectiveness of special operations .  The corded speaker mic is constantly getting grabbed or snagged on obstacles, but until FreeLinc developed their non-Bluetooth wireless mic, there was no way to eliminate the cord that you could count on.  My FreeLinc FMC200 lasts 50 hours on a single charge and has never failed!  Any officer that wants to get rid of that cord should try FreeLinc's FMC200 - they'll never switch back."

Michael A Assad (ret.)
Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal